It will cost you $40 to promote UMD white pride

Our wonderful university is promoting a four-color “fan color scheme” for the Terps football Labor Day home opener against the Miami Hurricanes, and the team store is selling shirts (with slightly different slogans) in black, red, gold and, most problematically, white. Check out the back of the shirt, which is on sale for $29.98, plus $6.95 shipping and handling and another $3.69 in sales tax:

Maryland (red and) white pride, manufactured by Under Armour. Go Terps!


UMD and Hurricane Irene: That time two guys walked around in the rain for a while

My baseball cap blew off 10 seconds after we walked out the front door. Diamondback editor Jon Wolper and I wandered into the storm just after midnight Saturday night, when we had decided it looked awful enough to find something interesting.

The wind was blowing the rain hard, the tiny droplets stinging the faces and arms of the half-dozen people huddled in front of Commons 7. Water rushed down the road past the Mowatt Lane parking garage. Trees swayed dramatically. A Jimmy John’s delivery man dropped a sandwich off at Commons 5. Those guys are better than the Post Office.

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Hurricane Irene liveblog: Campus power taking hits

This is what rain looks like.

Sunday, 2 a.m.: Sorry for the delay — just got back into Commons 7 after a walking tour of campus. It appears all South Campus Commons buildings have lost power, and a fire truck is currently parked in front of Commons 5 — we spotted firefighters going up a stairwell; a student is reportedly stuck in the elevator. Power has gone out on College Avenue, according to a Twitter follower, and the University Club apartments lost power at about 1:15 a.m. As of about 1:30 a.m., the north campus dorms had power.

Even so, reports of glitchy electricity seem to be the only problems. Full report on what we saw around the campus soon, assuming battery power lasts until the power comes back on, but it seems that, for now, the worst is some uprooted trees and a relatively routine power outage.

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Hurricane Irene might not totally wreck College Park

via Flickr user Jim Linwood

The university community was told to expect a massive, horrifying debacle, but according to a warning put out Friday night by the National Weather Service, Prince George’s County shouldn’t be expecting hurricane-force winds and has only a 55-percent chance of seeing tropical-storm level trouble at all.

The county, which was omitted from the hurricane warning issued for parts of Virginia and Maryland, should expect “gusty northwest winds” and potential flash flooding through Sunday, but will likely be spared from the brunt of the ugliness.

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O’Malley: Those who don’t evacuate Ocean City are stupid

''Hey you. On the beach. You're a moron.'' -Everyone

It’s been widely reported that the Eastern Shore is going to get whacked the hardest by all this Irene business, and Ocean City was hit with a mandatory evacuation order late Thursday. And Gov. Martin O’Malley is having none of this crap about you not leaving because you’re on vacation.

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Administrators warn of impending horrible, hurricane-soaked weekend

No word on whether Denzel is involved with this one.

Not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s a hurricane coming, and everyone should buckle down, board up their windows and begin collecting two of every animal. Parts of New York City are being evacuated, Washington Mayor Vincent Gray and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley have both declared states of emergency and, if emails being sent to the university community are any indication, College Park is in for a serious whomping too.

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