University composting: One man’s trash is another man’s dirt

The destiny of your pizza crusts, your banana peels and eventually your body.

By Molly Marcot

You’ve probably seen a compost pile before: A bin or trash can full of banana peels, dirt and grass clippings, rotting in the sun behind some hippie’s treehouse. Now imagine that setup, except instead of a hippie, it’s an entire university, and instead of a trash can, it’s thousands and thousands of pounds of waste.

That’s what Dining Services has been up to. Continue reading


Bobby Flay burger joint coming to College Park, will sell alcoholic milkshakes

"Nice cajun fries and peanuts, Five Guys. Where's your vanilla caramel bourbon milkshake?"

Forget the hookah café and the pizza joints — super chef Bobby Flay is opening a Bobby’s Burger Palace location at the new Varsity apartment building on Route 1, and he’s bringing the booze.

The menu is available for download on the Burger Palace website and features burgers for between $6.75 and $7.75. It also lists $3 fries and $7.50 “spiked milkshakes” — ol’ Bobby smashed the “Burger Palace vs. Five Guys” debate into little pieces before he even moved in.  Continue reading

The Terps football kickoff countdown clock people are not even trying anymore

This is starting to look like it is going to be a weekly piece — we told you last week how the clock in the South Campus Dining Hall counting down to kickoff against Temple was off by 12 hours. This week, it’s worse, and brings the number of weeks in which a clock was wrong to “all of the weeks”:

This picture of Stamp’s countdown clock was taken Wednesday at exactly 4 p.m., which means the countdown will hit zero at 3:19 a.m. on Saturday, 12 hours and 11 minutes early. Continue reading

Check out last month’s earthquake from inside the Washington Monument

The National Park Service has released a video from inside the Washington Monument during the Aug. 23 earthquake that busted a a four-foot crack into the top of the obelisk. It appears to show a clan of backpack-toting little kids reacting more calmly than the park ranger, but officials say no, the guard was totally supposed to bolt down the stairs like that. Continue reading

The angry email from Varsity management

Lead story in today’s Diamondback is about the Varsity, a new off-campus apartment building that is working to confront an infestation of jerks who put holes in the walls and vomit all over the place. You can check out general assignment reporter Teddy Amenabar’s story online, but here is the letter sent out last Wednesday by Varsity Property Manager Barbara Steinke: Continue reading