The Internet hated the new Terps uniforms

Not pictured: Francis Scott Key

In case you missed the football game last night (or the fashion show three weeks ago), the Maryland football team now has more uniform combinations than they do starting players.

They changed into top-secret uniforms after warmups and came out for the game against Miami dressed up like Francis Scott Key if he were competing on “American Gladiators.” Some thought it was as awesome as Apollo Creed’s American flag shorts, some thought it was just gross.

The Internet, as it usually does, was overwhelmingly negative about it. There were some positive comments, but they weren’t as funny and, let’s face it, the headline was written before we actually found these tweets.

Former Redskins defensive end Phillip Daniels spent most of his evening tweeting about the jerseys, saying that they “look like a bunch of throw up” and “if I was a #Terp I would rather have a leather helmet tonight.” He finished the evening with “Afraid to go to sleep. #Terps uniforms might get me. #Scary.”

Miami Heat forward LeBron James also sipped the Haterade, though it should be noted that he himself never actually wore a college uniform, opting to skip college and get right to losing NBA championships:

And now we’re all much smarter for having heard his opinion. Don’t worry — plenty of other, less famous people also weighed in.

From NESN anchor Randy Scott:

Crabcakes and awful uniforms: THAT’S WHAT MARYLAND DOES!

From Washington Examiner columnist Rick Snider:

If the #Terps change uniforms or helmets after warmups I seriously question their focus. It’s a football field, not a runway.

From NFL Network reporter Albert Breer:

Oh … My … God. What in the %$^ is Maryland wearing?!?! They look like crossing guards on peyote.

From CBS Sports reporter Mike Freeman:

Maryland’s uniforms look like a Dora the Explorer dress.

SportsCenter also compiled a few Maryland uniform tweets after the game (backed by anchor Linda Cohen’s cackling), and then anchor Robert Flores gingerly tried to ask coach Randy Edsall if he had anything to say to the uniform haters, but Edsall spent most of his time talking about “branding,” “pride” and “Kevin Plank.”

Oh, and Maryland won the game, too. Go Terps.


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