Syracuse blogger: ‘Cuse and UMD should be rivals because of the Jews

Students celebrating another great sports rivalry by breaking the law after a Maryland-Duke basketball game last March. (Diamondback file photo)

Blogger Sean Keely from the popular Syracuse Orange blog Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician had a chat with Jim Young on Young’s podcast today about Syracuse joining the ACC. Like anyone who spends too much time thinking about sports, he came up with a great excuse for Syracuse and Maryland to start hating each other immediately. But Keely’s excuse was Jewish people.

He had a few other ways to pit the schools against each other, like that Maryland’s football coach graduated from Syracuse, but this one is way better:

“Everyone I knew growing up, all my Jewish friends, everybody had a friend or a relative that went to Maryland, everybody had a friend or a relative that went to Syracuse,” said Keely, who said he was raised Jewish. “And if those two teams were playing each other it would be so easy to feed the rivalry throughout that whole community.”

Keely points out on the blog that it’s a notion, called the “Jew factor,” that he originally brought up five years ago on a list of “teams that should be on Syracuse’s schedule all the time.” Like all made-up ideas about pointless endeavors, he has to paint a lot of people with a very wide brush:

Let’s face facts. Northeastern Jews usually make thier [sic] college choices between a few schools. If you’re mentally-challenged, you go to West Virginia. If you’re female or don’t care about sports, you go to Delaware. If you’re supersmart, you go Ivy League. The rest of the Flock decide between Syracuse, Maryland and Hofstra. I know from experience…my final two choices were Maryland and Syracuse. Because the Syracuse/Maryland dilemma is one faced by so many Jews in the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut), there’s tons of families, friends and communities with ties to both schools. You’ve got a built-in rivalry right there. And as for all the goyim, yeah, they can watch too.

Great. Rivalries are awesome. If it weren’t for ACC rivalries, we’d have no reason to block highway traffic, burn couches or yell “f— you” at 11-year-olds. Let’s all do our best to cook up another one — courtesy of “the Flock” — to make sure we don’t get bored while we stand in the rain for three hours trying to get a glimpse of 22 huge guys grabbing each other.

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