Old journalism building gets new name; chuckles abound

There is probably a good reason for this that we do not know about yet.

Still waiting for confirmation from Facilities Management, but, if the Facilities website and the university directory are any indication, the building next to McKeldin Library and Tydings Hall is now hilariously known as “Chincoteague Hall.”

For those of you wondering, yes, Chincoteague is a town in Virginia, which makes it, as far as we can tell, the only geographically named building on the campus not sharing a name with a Maryland county or county seat. It is also the only academic building on the mall not named for a person, unless “Chincoteague” is the name of a big university donor, which would actually make more sense all around.

To be fair, parts of Chincoteague Bay are technically in Maryland — perhaps the nearby Assateague Island, which is actually in this state, was just too scandalous of a name for a place of learning. If memory serves, Assateague is a great place to go camping if you enjoy listening to the waves, looking at the stars, and stepping in pony poop.

Good old Chincoteague Hall used to be called, simply, “Journalism,” before that college moved into the new Knight Hall next to Lot 1. It has since been re-designated for use by the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, who will hopefully come up with a nickname for this building that won’t offend people who can’t hear very well.

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