Hump Day Photo of the Week: An opossum at the dining hall

This beautiful photograph is what happens when you let a very talented photographer have too much free time.

Ditto these, taken by Diamondback photo editor Charlie DeBoyace:

An opossum sits outside the South Campus Dining Hall Tuesday night, pondering how to eat two students.

An opossum yawns outside the South Campus Dining Hall Tuesday night, relaxing after eating two students.

This seems to be the perfect kickoff to what we hope to be a weekly “Hump Day Photo of the Week” segment, in which we bring you visual evidence of things too cool to be featured in the print edition.

Speaking of things that are entirely too cool, this whole opossum business has happened just two weeks after the 80th birthday of sideburned superstar George “The Possum” Jones, who was named Billboard’s most promising new country artist of 1956 and is the brilliant musical mind behind “The Door”:

And by “brilliant,” of course, we mean “actually pretty coked up.” But to The Possum, they were one in the same for a while.

"What of it?"

And for those of you wondering if there is a difference between a “possum” and an “opossum,” yes there is. An “opossum” is a pouched mammal found in America, while a “possum,” while commonly used to refer to American opossums, is technically a different marsupial found in Australia that looks suspiciously like a zombie Philip Seymour Hoffman:

"I have an Oscar." (via

And now you know.

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