Bobby Flay burger joint coming to College Park, will sell alcoholic milkshakes

"Nice cajun fries and peanuts, Five Guys. Where's your vanilla caramel bourbon milkshake?"

Forget the hookah café and the pizza joints — super chef Bobby Flay is opening a Bobby’s Burger Palace location at the new Varsity apartment building on Route 1, and he’s bringing the booze.

The menu is available for download on the Burger Palace website and features burgers for between $6.75 and $7.75. It also lists $3 fries and $7.50 “spiked milkshakes” — ol’ Bobby smashed the “Burger Palace vs. Five Guys” debate into little pieces before he even moved in. 

The restaurant is set to open “sometime next month,” according to the Washington Post.

While Post food critic Tom Sietsema wasn’t a fan of the burgers, we think it’s at least worth giving the place a shot: Any guy who looks like a ginger Ray Liotta and hosts a show called “THROWDOWN” probably knows a thing or two about cookin’ up cows. He did, after all, write a book about pretty much everything on the restaurant’s menu.

Former Diamondback editor Adi Joseph tells us he’s been to the Burger Palace in Philadelphia: “It was pretty delicious,” he wrote. “The burger was good, but the barbecue sauce was spectacular.” Campus Drive has always known Joseph to be a fair and even-handed judge, but it should also be noted that we have never seen him dislike any cheeseburger ever.

Sietsema’s review of D.C.’s Burger Palace also mentions the sauces, and he wrote that the Palace is a snazzy, “tasteful” place. But he then goes on to use words like “tepid” and “regrettable,” and phrases like “very little flavor” and “I feel like a sucker.”

There is good news, however — Sietsema said Flay’s milkshakes are off the proverbial chain, and, while we were researching Flay’s “Throwdown” cookbook, we discovered totally sells throwing knives for, like, 7 bucks.


(And, for you Mad Men fans out there: There were rumors floating around, once upon a time, that Burgerman Bobby was somehow involved with Betty Draper, aka “January Jones,” aka “rich, beautiful woman who is apparently into guys who smell like fajitas.”)

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2 comments on “Bobby Flay burger joint coming to College Park, will sell alcoholic milkshakes

  1. It should be noted: I’ve only been to Bobby’s Burger Palace once. I ordered the Crunchburger, which has potato chips. The barbecue sauce was great, the burger was fine if slightly overcooked and the chips were crunchy but not particularly exciting. It’s not Five Guys, but it’s a fine place for a burger.

    Also, as a correction to Rich, this one time at the North Campus Diner they ran out of pickles and the burger was burnt and I didn’t like it.

    • Rich Abdill says:

      Thanks for adding this. Also, in my defense, I didn’t see you eat the burnt burger, so I don’t think a correction is technically warranted.

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