From The Stacks: The most ’70s article we could find

From the front page of The Diamondback, Sept. 16, 1971:


Barber shops’ business cut sharply; girlfriends dictate long hair on men

By George Meurer

Long hair styles have cut into the barbering business in College Park.

Long hair and women are the reason.

“It stinks,” says Pete Wynnyk, a local barber, of barbering business in College Park.

“It’s the girls — they tell the boys not to get a haircut,” adds one of his assistants.

Wynnyk’s campus barber shop on Lehigh Road is in trouble. His assistant pleads, “Just please get a trim — we won’t cut it all off.”

He says the shop needs business.

Wynnyk says business at his shop has been slumping for almost two years. Freshmen get the fewest haircuts, he added.

The manager of Anthony’s barber shop on Baltimore Boulevard agrees that girls are a problem.

“We’ve had cases,” he said, “where the girl comes in with the guy and starts fussing” about the haircut.

Sam Pasta, a partner in the Calverton barbershop in Beltsville, estimates business has dropped 20% in the last year because of long hair sytles [sic] and the time needed to grow them.

Pasta says girls get in the way, too. “They come along and they dictate just ho they want it cut,” he says.

Although most barbers don’t charge more for long hair haircuts, one shop in Beltsville tries to discourage long hairs who have decided to shed their locks.

Chestnut Hills barber shop charges $7 for work on hair past the ears, but just $2.25 for regular cuts on more regular customers.

The shop has resorted to shoe sales and repair to try to boost sagging business.

The manager of another shop, Adelphi Men’s Hairstylists on University Boulevard, says he likes long hair.

Tony Vitelle says, “Personally, I like the long hair because I charge more money.” He says he gets up to $20 for cutting shoulder-length hair.


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