N.C. State columnist plagiarized columns from across the country

UPDATE, 10/19: Technician editor in chief Laura Wilkinson has posted an apologetic letter from the editor informing readers of a “case of plagiarism.”

“One columnist letting you down means I am letting you down,” she wrote. “We are nothing without the truth and we are nothing without our readers.”

While Karpur was not named in the letter, the letter says “the columnist responsible is no longer allowed to contribute to any Student Media publication and the publications the columnist took material from are in the process of being notified. ”

All of Karpur’s columns were also deleted from the Technician website.

ORIGINAL POST: North Carolina State University student newspaper Technician published a column Monday under the headline “Homework — making time to make time.” It carried the byline of Dileep Karpur, who is listed as a staff columnist.

It appears Dileep Karpur did not write that column.

That column was written by Diamondback columnist Jessica Jimenez and was published last Thursday, under the same headline. The two pieces are nearly identical, and The Diamondback alerted Technician editors about the situation Tuesday afternoon. The editors didn’t have to look hard — all but one column published under Karpur’s name appears to have been filched from college newspapers around the country and as far away as Hawaii.

They are all listed here — though paragraphs and sentences did move around between versions, a Google search of almost any lengthy phrase reveals the duplicates:

In response to an email sent by a Diamondback columnist, Technician editor in chief Laura Wilkinson wrote at about 5:30 p.m. that she and another editor had found similar evidence of plagiarism in “every single one of his columns,” and they are “bringing the columnist into our office within the hour and firing him.”

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