“I saw him jiggle it”: State posts gubernatorial blooper reel online

Outtakes were posted Oct. 13 from an anti-bullying video featuring Gov. Martin O’Malley and Maryland first lady Katie O’Malley and, honestly, we just didn’t know about it. But Gov. O’Malley tweeted the video today “in the spirit of #Halloween,” and now we’re passing it on.

We’re glad you too can hear the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association say things like “He did jiggle it. I saw him jiggle it.” and “I think this is magic.” (Spoiler: He’s right on both accounts.)

The finished product doesn’t appear to have gotten much play on YouTube, but it’s a very quiet minute-plus, a Woody Allen-esque long shot, just a couple of people, talkin’ ’bout love without any cuts or interruptions.

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