There is no ‘freshman 15,’ study says

College freshmen and their attendant gravitational fields

You might gain weight at college, but it is not because of college and will in all likelihood not be 15 pounds, according to a new study from Ohio State’s Center for Human Resource Research.

“No more than 10 percent of all college freshmen actually gained 15 pounds or more — and a quarter of freshmen reported actually losing weight during their first year,” according to a Reuters story about the study, which used data collected from 7,000 people in 1997. 

While the study did find that freshmen men and women gained an average of three and two pounds respectively, it wasn’t substantially more weight gained than those who didn’t go to college — so it’s not college making you gain weight, but just growing out of being an awkwardly shaped high-schooler.

The only variable that actually made a substantial difference? Heavy drinking.

“Even then,” the article says, “heavy drinkers gained less than a pound more than students who did not drink.”

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