Elsewhere in the university system: Barack Obama, grand pianos, broken penises, spontaneous combustion and Bill Murray

Every once in a while we like to check in on other state schools, just to see what they’re up to. Sometimes, for example, they’re spending half a million dollars on 32 Steinway pianos, and other times they’re doing research on the most common causes of penile fractures (it’s infidelity, and yes, there is an “audible crack.”)

This week in particular has seen some considerable action in the university system. On Saturday, the Obama family attended a Towson University basketball game — and rooted against Towson. The Baltimore Sun has a photo gallery from the evening that you should check out; our editors tell us “stealing wire service photos for blog posts” is against the rules, but here’s a hint at ONE of the better pictures:


And while the president of the United States was probably the most prominent spectator at the game, he wasn’t the only famous one — according to Towson Patch, actor Bill Murray was there, as was Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger and San Antonio Spurs player (and Towson alum) Gary Neal.

The news got worse on Sunday, however. A fire at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore caused $6 million in damages to an orchid greenhouse. No one was injured, but the fire got the last laugh yesterday when Maryland State Deputy Fire Marshal K.H. Travers declared the investigation closed after concluding that the cause of the fire was spontaneous combustion. Apparently some kinds of moss can, on occasion, self-ignite and wreck your huge awesome greenhouse.

“It’s much like when we have fires in chicken manure sheds,” Travers told Delmarvanow.com.

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