Got a secret? Time to spill

You may have noticed these flyers on the campus advertising for this anonymous blog. Photo courtesy of


Fans of the popular blog PostSecret rejoice — an anonymous university student has started a similar site for Terps to “pour your heart out. Or just talk shit. Whatever works.”

The site,, has its own email system where you can send in your anonymous secrets, which the creator — whoever she (he?) may be — then posts to the main page. So far, the blog has accumulated 734 subscribers since September and its accompanying Twitter account (@terpsecret) has 219 followers.

More than a few students have noticed, posting secrets that range from funny rants to heartbreaking admissions.

“If it weren’t for knowing how it would hurt my parents, I likely would have already committed suicide.”

“I have a cheetah print fetish. I like it when my girlfriend wears nothing but a cheetah print coat, cheetah print heels, and possibly some cheetah print handcuffs… face down ass up…”

“I’m addicted to my own prescription medication, but I don’t think I’ll ever have the courage to tell anyone, because in reality I don’t want to stop. Why should I? I still do everything I’m supposed to do and I’m still me, but sometimes I need something to make me feel… different than the usual. Sometimes I’m bored with myself, and I need
a change. That’s where the meds come in. But it’s our little secret, because I’ll never tell.”

“I need new friends. Mine suck.”

The creator also includes links to various mental health services on the campus and regularly posts funny or interesting pictures from around the campus.

So, got a secret? It’s safe with her.

–Lauren Redding

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