Keeping up with the Kandidates: The Florida primary

At 8 p.m. last night, Wolf Blitzer came on with a big announcement: Mitt Romney had won the Florida primary with more than 46 percent of the votes.

Just like that, CNN ended the anxious fun of elections. With Romney winning by a landslide — Newt Gingrich finished second with Rick Santorum and Ron Paul lagging far behind — the American public now has to wait TWO whole more days until the next race in Nevada.

I got to check out Romney’s speech, though. It was hard to focus on what he said; he’s just so handsome. Don’t touch his hair, though, or your hand will be greasy for a week.

He droned on, “President Obama and I have very different visions of America…”

The crowd laughed, this being an obvious poke at Gingrich who said Monday that Obama and Romney are more or less the same person.

Gingrich wasn’t confident, but he has hope. His supporters behind him held signs that read “46 States to go.”

That doesn’t even include Gingrich’s proposed colony on the moon.

Juan Cervantes is a junior history major and a student blogger for The Diamondback.

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