Kevin Bacon sponsors on-campus competition (yes, he’s coming here)

Like Kevin Bacon? Like social change? Are you willing to like social change if it means meeting Kevin Bacon? And winning some cool Kevin Bacon stuff?
The Footloose star himself just announced he’ll be coming to campus this April as a sponsor and celebrity judge of the Terps DoGood Challenge here on campus. Students can enter the contest — which began this past Saturday — as either individuals or groups and show how much social good they can do from now until spring break through their own creative efforts.
Then, on April 18, Bacon will come sit on the celebrity panel to judge the six finalists. According to the DoGood Challenge website, prizes for the winner(s) include, “$5,000 for your cause, Kevin Bacon related prizes, and a private jet to Atlanta for two court side seats at a Hawks NBA game (among other sweet prizes).”

Check out the video above to see Bacon’s personal message to the campus community. He’s wearing a Fear the Turtle tee-shirt and sort of looks like he filmed it on a web cam in his mom’s basement. We won’t hold it against him. Way to do some good, Kev!


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