UPDATED: Has the College Park Cuddler taken to the Internet?

UPDATE 11:36 p.m.: Tincher received a message saying, “I was the one who made up the College Park cuddler secret. It was a joke. I’m a stupid college kid. Get over it.”

Good one.

The student-run blog, TerpSecret, where users can anonymously post their secrets, has gotten a lot of attention recently. But sophomore journalism major Sarah Tincher, who created the site, probably never expected to receive this secret:

“I’m the College Park cuddler. Some may not understand why I like to get in bed with girls, but I think it’s the sexiest thing ever. To be in a bed with a girl who has no idea I’m there turns me on more than anything. I will strike again.”

(For those of you who don’t know, the College Park Cuddler is the colloquial name for the unknown perpetrator of a string of 2008 alleged sexual assaults that appear to have started at Georgetown University. Two College Park victims reported a man snuck into their beds in the middle of night. The assaults stopped for a while, but similar incidences took place in September around the Leonardtown Apartments.)

Although it’s unclear when the secret was sent to Tincher, she posted it on her blog yesterday. Tincher said a friend Facebook messaged her about reporting it to police. She’s conflicted, however, whether or not to protect the poster’s anonymity. Tincher posted a poll on her blog tonight to see what other students think she should do.

As of 11 p.m., most had voted yes, she should report it. What do you think? Is it really the cuddler or just a dumb kid who’s probably going to get in trouble if Tincher turns him in?

— Lauren Redding


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