Weeping up with the Wandidates: Maine-Stream Music

After the Florida primary Newt Gingrich said in his speech that it was a two horse race.  

Today Rick Santorum said “We think this is a two-person race right now,” on CNN.

So there you have it. Only Gingrich and Santorum people have said it’s a two-person/horse/mammalian race, so it must be those two that are still in contention.

Looks like the Republican Party should just change its name to Tea Party with these two confident Tea Party kandidates leading the way.

Did I mention that moderate Mitt Romney won the week-long Maine Caucus? Because he did.

Alas, you can’t knock the kandidates for believing that it’s just them and Romney. Gingrich was in a comfortable second place to Romney when declared the head-to-head, and now Santorum is seemingly in the same position.

However, Ron Paul cannot be counted out just yet. Paul has been improving in the polls every week, and this week he finished in second place again. Less than 200 votes separated him from claiming his first victory in a state.

Paul is gaining new supporters every day. More and more do I see the students on this campus recruiting new supporters. Every time I pass them, I smile politely. One time I even said that the “Revolution is coming to College Park,” (but alas, only in my wildest dreams would Prince headline Art Attack.)

And on that musical note, enjoy the Grammy’s tonight. Seeing Bruce Springsteen without Clarence Clemons at his side will surely put a tear in my eyes. Seeing The Beach Boys reunite for a 50 year anniversary celebration will make me SMiLE. The rest of the night will make me wonder why all the music that’s winning awards sounds the same (I went there. Sorry.)

We also say a musical goodbye for Whitney Houston. Her music inspired many of today’s artists who grew up in Whitney’s prime. My honor to her was changing the K’s in my article’s title to W’s. Rest In Peace.

Before I take my leave, I must warn you that there will be no primaries until February 28. Do not fret, I’ll be checking in every so often to filter through the political jargon and maybe even voice my opinions on some things (my editor just died a little on the inside). Also, I’ll probably set up a Keeping up with the Kandidates Twitter page because why not.

So long, adieu.

Juan Cervantes is a junior history major and student blogger for The Diamondback.

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