Keeping up with the Kandidates: Barack and Bill babble ‘bout basketball

Wait, wait, wait…

You mean to tell me The Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, had a podcast with President Barack Obama?


That’s what I was thinking when I saw my friend Jeff’s text to me Thursday: “New B.S. report with some dude named barrack.”

His misspelling actually made me think that Simmons did a podcast with some other guy that has two R’s in his first name. Then he sent me a text saying “Barack***” and I knew it was true.

(You can listen to the full podcast here).

Running for president means you have to be on you’re A-game for all facets. If you make a move that will help you reach out to a certain demographic in a positive way, then the outcome can never be bad.

In my last post, I honed in on how Rick Santorum got his name on some hot wheels and how that was a smart move. Obama’s move is no different.

The election is eights months and four days away, so the president is starting to move into full blown “4 more years” mode. His podcast appearance was the first sign of that (besides, maybe, the State of the Union).

Obama made quite a splash to all of the sports junkies who frequent Grantland. Just by simply appearing on the B.S. report and, well, B.S.-ing with Simmons a little, Obama may have converted a few sporty undecided voters Thursday.

So what did Obama and Simmons talk about?

Basketball, college football playoffs, throwing out the first pitch, and The Wire (a television show that Simmons references all too often).

Obama said “B.S.” at one point (not in the context of the show’s title), and that probably will be critiqued by hardcore conservatives. I believe, though, that it more or less proves he’s human. A PG-13 slip every once in a while makes Obama seem like someone you’d want to have beer with.

Super Tuesday’s on Tuesday, because Lord knows they wouldn’t have it on Wednesday. Check back next week as I follow the kandidates some more.

Juan Cervantes is a junior history major and student blogger for The Diamondback.


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