Is it Friday yet?: Clipping coupons just became cool again

Bread: $3. Toilet paper: $8. Saving money for Friday night shenanigans: Priceless.

While I am still one year shy of turning 21, I can appreciate your need to have fun on the weekends. Whether it’s drinking your water weight in Natty Light or dragging your boyfriend to catch your tears through The Vow, we all need some extra cash.

The solution? Clipping coupons.

In fear of being featured on the TLC show Extreme Couponing and remaining forever single, I’ve devised a college-friendly way to avoid being labeled a “coupon clipper.”

Step one: Pay an innocent visit to your family on Saturday afternoon. For us locals who can drive home for the day or weekend, this sly move proves powerful. After your mom’s tearful hugs and your grandmother’s attempt to fatten you up, raid the newspaper. The Sunday magazines are in, and it’s your time to pounce. Ransacking the four or five circulars will show you the light to a fuller wallet. Food, cosmetics and toiletries are all advertised with coupons. You could save $1 on cereal and $2 on paper towels! It’s adding up already!

Step two: Collect your coupons in a white envelope. There is no need for an organized binder or special drawer. A simple envelope disguises your coupon identity and is easily transportable. When returning to your dorm or apartment, your roommates will never know what you’re up to. Of course, if the roommates get in on the fun, by all means, clear out a drawer to enjoy together.

Step three: Shop and smile. Use the coupons you need, but never buy something just because you have a coupon. Beware: This action will negate your anticipated savings. When you fill your basket at the store, have your coupons in hand. As each one is scanned, watch your total price drop. I, for one, enjoy dancing like I just ran into an NFL end zone.

Step four: Withdraw your savings and wait for the weekend. I give you full permission to deny that you have become a coupon clipper … and the fact that you like it. Use the extra cash flow to upgrade from the Natty Light. Maybe even go out to dinner and see The Vow. Crazy, I know.

Is it Friday yet? This coupon money is burning a hole in my wallet.

Liz Lane is a junior government and politics and journalism major and a student blogger for The Diamondback


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