Keeping up with the Kandidates: Super Duper Tuesday

Before I get to the results of Super Tuesday, let me first send my congratulations to foreign kandidate Vladimir Putin, who is once again president of Russia. He retains his reputation as the second-most famous Vladimir in Russian political history.

Now, for Tuesday’s events:

The first state unofficially rewarded by the CNN pundits Tuesday evening was Georgia, which was won by Newt Gingrich. Georgia may have been Gingrich’s only victory of the evening, but the state the former Speaker of the House represented in carried 76 delegates — the most of any state participating in Super Tuesday.

Rick Santorum added Tennessee, North Dakota and Oklahoma to his list of victories.
Romney scored Alaska, Idaho, Virginia, Vermont and Massachusetts, where he governed.

The most interesting state of the evening, though, was Ohio. The race came down to the wire in a state that splits up its delegates. Santorum and Romney flip-flopped throughout the evening, but in the end it was Romney who prevailed.

So at the end of the evening, all of the above kandidates were feeling good about themselves. Santorum pulled three states and Romney pulled six, but Santorum got a large cut of the Ohio delegates. Newt Gingrich’s win was expected, but it will be a moral boost for him as his campaign continues.

Ron Paul still has yet to win a state. He bases his campaign on delegates more so than states, though, so by his mentality, he is still alive in the race.

Also, Sarah Palin was interviewed in Alaska yesterday, and she said “anything in this life, in this world, is possible; anything is possible for an American” with regards to running for president in 2016. She was wearing a lot of makeup.

So I bet you’re thinking, “Juan, on the most important political evening since you’ve been blogging, this was your least entertaining post yet.”

Well, I’m sorry, but I’ve been sick as a dog for the past couple days. I’m sick because I fear Super Tuesday could be the beginning of the end for my political blogging for a while.

Now you’re thinking, “Don’t be sad, Juan, there’s still a national election in November for which kandidates will be campaigning hard to win.”

And to that, I say: It’s just not the same. When two kandidates compete for a country, it’s one thing. But when four kandidates are going at it in different states every single week, it is pure gold. The competition is heated, and it’s especially exciting knowing that the kandidates’ views revolve in the same wing (for the most part).

Yesterday, 10 states had final results, adding to the 12 that already had picked winners. That means there are only 28 states left to go to the polls (although not every state will make it; as time goes on kandidates will slowly bow out of the race until one is left to inherit the nomination).

Anyway, I’m bummed. I need to be cheered up. So why don’t you, my sweet, precious reader, email me at You can email me political questions, comments or you can just provide me a platform to vent my emotions to. Maybe if there’s some fun stuff in there, I can post it all in a mailbag article.

And to the kandidates, I have only one thing to say: Keep on keepin’ on. At least for the sake of my blog.

Juan Cervantes is a junior history major and student blogger for The Diamondback

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