Is it Friday yet? Mac’s: 1, PC’s: 0

In class, I basically beg people to stare at me. No, I’m not the girl wearing a skirt that suddenly becomes a belt when she sits down — the only downside to this warmer weather we were experiencing before Spring Break.

I own a PC. Yes, I am that girl.

I lug it around the campus, equipped with the five-pound charger and deadweight battery. While I saved money bypassing Apple products, I definitely traded in dollars for style.

Thinking I won the battle of smarts against Mac users, I am quickly corrected every time I set up shop in class. Macs ambush the classroom, creating a sea of sleek, white laptops.

Steve Jobs would be proud.

I sheepishly clunk my PC onto my desk. I feel like Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods in her first law class as she takes out her notebook amongst all the PC laptops — oh how times have changed.

I know what I have to do, but I don’t want to do it. I have already brought enough attention to myself just by bringing this thing into sight. Now the entire class will know who has the PC.


I just pressed the power button.

I think even the guy out in the hall heard my fan kick in. It’s like I’m the one student who has to sneeze in the middle of a final exam. Everyone’s head snaps up and over.

After five minutes drag by, I can finally log in. I hesitate, but I must continue. If Indiana Jones can dodge the wrath of God, I can endure … the Windows jingle.

Yep, I logged in. I can never press the mute button fast enough. My identity has been revealed, plastered on a billboard, if you will.

“Look at me, I have a PC. Please, make fun of me by exchanging condescending looks that only Mac users understand.”

I am reliving the high school Blackberry phase all over again. You guessed it, I had a flip phone. I still do, too. I won’t even go into how loud my texting is.

Is it Friday yet? My electronics are ratting me out.

Liz Lane is a junior government and politics and journalism major and student blogger for The Diamondback


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