Vigil to be held tomorrow for Trayvon Martin

Weeks after the initial event, thousands are still outraged at the controversy surrounding the Trayvon Martin case. Tomorrow, students across the nation will demonstrate their feelings through a moment of silence.

The 1,000 Campus Vigil For Trayvon Martin starts at precisely 8:02 p.m. tomorrow and lasts for 15 minutes. This university’s Black Faculty and Staff Association endorsed the event, entitled “Let’s Light Up the Sky.”

The creators of the group, the members of the Malik Fraternity, clearly state, “We are demanding justice for Trayvon Martin and others who fell victims to the evil acts of racists, bigots and discrimination.”

The group emphasizes, “the vigil is a moment of silence and is not a demonstration, rally or protest.” More than 5,000 people have joined the Facebook group.

Students and professors of all ethnicities, races and genders are invited to partake in the moment of silence.

Participants are encouraged to take time-stamped photos and videos, including their organization or school name, and send them to

— Becky Kaminsky is a freshman journalism major and student blogger for The Diamondback

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