Is it Friday yet?: Have some pride, Terps

Whenever I pass a tour group, I suddenly feel like the important fish in the big pond.

While these groups have the tendency to create obstacle courses for us on the campus, they also have the power to give us self-worth. No. That is not a joke.

Yes, we may have to dodge the backwards tour guide and watch that we don’t step on the toes of ogling children, but let’s not forget, we attend this school. We are the Terrapins they have come to learn about.

I come out of class in Jimenez Hall with my backpack low and shoulders shrugged. I’m off to take an economics exam and already feel defeated. I then see a giant tour group of excited parents and gawking youth who have come to learn about life at this university. That’s when I remember — I have a life at this university!

My mood shifts ever so slightly. I hike up my backpack and push back my shoulders. I hold my head high and walk with a purpose. I am officially the epitome of student life at the University of Maryland.

The group has stopped at Testudo in front of McKeldin Library. Because I am setting a prime example, I confidently strut over, almost skipping, to rub Testudo’s nose. I “coincidentally” arrive as the guide explains the tradition.

To top off my visit, I flash a friendly wink to the smiling children, wave to the parents and high-five the guide. Mission complete. These visitors will now associate my nose rub with the university.

My mood has now shifted completely. I am more confident and ready to take my economics exam. Heck, I’m ready to take on the world. I have encompassed everything that is student life.

Is it Friday yet? I’m ready for another round of visitors.

— Liz Lane is a junior journalism major and student blogger for The Diamondback


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