Is It Friday Yet?: I <3 Bacon

Everyone should be familiar with the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

If you aren’t, then you were obviously living under a rock for the better part of your teen years. It is said any actor can be professionally linked back to the Footloose heartthrob in six degrees or less. I’ve even seen the game branch out by linking us, mere commoners, to Mr. Kyra Sedgwick.

However, for me, six degrees from Bacon goes much deeper than interpersonal relationships. As the new director for the campus radio station, I sat in on the philanthropy class Bacon spoke to April 18 about his nonprofit ways.

While I was there to cover the event, I could only think, “I’m five feet away from Bacon. The degrees are closing in between me and Bacon!” I gazed into his blue eyes as I read his soft lips for those special quotes. Suddenly, the room was clapping and he rose to his feet. His movement hinted to me that he once danced into stardom.

Then there was a mad rush. By the students? No. A stampede of reporters rushed the scene to stick microphones in Bacon’s face and flash cameras in his eyes. I didn’t know what to do — so I followed suit.

I pushed and shoved. I squeezed and I reached. I was so close I could almost touch him.

However, I refrained — bad memories came back to me of my crazy-fan days at Jonas Brothers concerts.

Now I was finally one, single degree from Kevin Bacon! Wait, no I wasn’t. I was still six, not degrees, but reporters from Bacon. Six hounding reporters now and will forever stand between me and my chance at winning Bacon’s popular game.

Is it Friday yet? I need to stalk Bacon down and finally win the game!

— Liz Lane is a junior journalism major and student blogger for The Diamondback


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