Students and the City: Cinco DOM Mayo at the Barking Dog

By now, no student can deny watching and endlessly quoting the addicting Dom Mazzetti videos. The series created by Mike Tornabene and Gian Hunjan nearly went viral on YouTube. Each new episode, titled “Dom vs. …..”, would feature Dom Mazzetti, a full-blown airhead, taking on different aspects of college life. The most popular videos include Dom Mazzetti vs. Drunk Girls and Dom Mazzetti vs. Freshman.

While the videos do use explicit language and content, they are wildly funny and relatable to students around the country, which could be due to the fact that in each episode Dom is miraculously enrolled at a different university. Dom was even a student at Maryland in one episode, Dom Mazzetti vs. Resumes, where he hopelessly works to create a resume to get a job after graduating “MarryLand.”

This weekend, Mike and Gian have the chance to interact with real Maryland students at the Barking Dog for Cinco de Mayo. It could very well be the wildest night of the semester, with free merchandise, shots, an ice luge and plenty of other giveaways. If you’re wearing a Route One Apparell “Cinco DOM Mayo” shirt, you’ll receive VIP access and drink specials all night.

The event starts at 10 p.m. but get there early if you hope to get in at all, as the event page already has 471 listed attendees. Arrive with $10 cover and proper 21+ identification.

Celebrate. Drink tequila. Be MarryLand.

— Becky Kaminsky is a freshman journalism major and student blogger for The Diamondback


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