Barking Dog expected crowd of 500 for Dom Mazzetti event, only 50 showed up

Dom Mazzetti is accomplished for a college super senior. He has a passion for girls, partying and working out, an accent reminiscent of Jersey Shore, and more than 25 million views total on YouTube and more than 76,000 likes on Facebook.

In celebration of Cinco Dom Mayo, I mean de Mayo, The Barking Dog brought this Internet phenom to Route 1.

Because the bar’s managers expected 500 people to crowd the Barking Dog on Saturday, they hired three extra security hands for the night — only 50 people showed up.

“It was embarrassingly small,” said senior economics major Bret Greer. “You would think for Cinco de Mayo, more people would be out.”

Downtown College Park was busy all night; at 1 a.m. there were 36 people lined up in front of Cornerstone Grill and Loft.

“We love Dom. He is so funny. We are so excited to meet him,” said Rachel Cesario, a junior biology major standing with sister Kristen Cesario, a senior criminology and criminal justice major, and her friend Claire Tolbert, who attends the College of Southern Maryland. “We hope he does a vs. Rachel, Kristen and Claire after meeting us tonight,” she said, referring to the way Mike Tornabene, who performs as Mazzetti, titles his videos.

“Dom Mazzetti is the stuff,” said mechanical engineering and government and politics major senior Jonas Tizabi. “I would have gone, I’m tempted to go right now, I’ll probably end up there later on tonight,” as he waited in line to go into Cornerstone. As to why he isn’t at the Barking Dog: “All my friends are here.”

Some believe it was the presence of the liquor board that deterred some partygoers.

“We obviously would have liked a stronger turnout,” said Michael Rice, general manager of The Barking Dog. “We are kind of living in the sins of our father.”

The Barking Dog paired Route One Apparel to design a shirt for the night. Wearers of the shirts received drink specials all night. The shirt featured a sideways Italian flag with an outline of Mazzetti’s face and an oversized mustache and sombrero in the white stripe. A presale of “Cinco Dom Mayo” shirts, which almost sold out by Wednesday May 2, according to Route One Apparel founder Ali Von Paris, a senior business major. At the appearance, only five people were wearing the shirts other than bar employees and Route One Apparel employees.

Despite the low turnout, Tornabene said he would not mind making an appearance in College Park again. “The turnout is a little light, but I heard that had something to do with the liquor board being here tonight,” he said.

Attendees got more than they bargained for having an intimate night with Mazzetti. A group of twelve usually surrounded him.

— Theresa Sitentos is a student blogger for The Diamondback



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