UMD student, Internet Casanova featured on Tosh.0

Alex MacRae knows a lot about picking up women.

He may not lead with the winning line, “I study engineering at the University of Maryland,” but he does know that many things adults say can be taken the wrong way if they are not conveyed with “energy and fun.”

MacRae, who gained YouTube fame in 2007 after he made an informative web video on impressing the ladies for, had a chance at redemption June 26 on Tosh.0, but not before viewers had a chance to hear a bit more of his good advice.

In the offending video, replayed for viewers, the university alumnus gives his rock-star pick-up line: “Wow, your eyes are like blueberries … I’m actually kind of hungry, can I have one?”

In the video, MacRae then repeated the line without energy or fun, in a flat affect, so we can see how that line can be creepy. The result is a hilarious zombie with a soul patch coming over to eat your eyes.

I don’t want to insult MacRae’s intelligence, but I must point out that his line was already pretty creepy to start with.

To his credit, MacRae has a good sense of humor and made light of himself with comedian Daniel Tosh on his Comedy Central show. He told Tosh that even 200,000 YouTube hits later, his life is largely unchanged and no one recognizes him from his brief stint as an Internet cassanova.

For his “web redemption,” MacRae and Tosh try their skills at speed dating, where MacRae meets a girl with blue eyes and finally gets to use his line. As luck would have it, she has a glass eye. Tosh challenges him to eat it and, well, he makes the university proud.

I Google-stalked MacRae to no avail. University directory? Not helpful. Google? Nothing Tosh didn’t already tell us. I am dying to meet the real Alex MacRae. If I find him, I want to double-dream hands dance with him under a double rainbow.

Seriously, email me, Alex.

— Rashee Raj Kumar is a student blogger for The Diamondback


One comment on “UMD student, Internet Casanova featured on Tosh.0

  1. hey, did he ever get in contact with you? =)

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