The best Twitter reactions from the Kevin Anderson-Stanford hullabaloo

  1. When The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Terps athletic director Kevin Anderson was leaving for the same position at Stanford, fans took to Twitter to air their grievances.  After Anderson confirmed the rumors to be untrue later Monday afternoon, even more fans took to Twitter to air their grievances.

    While some were excited for his alleged departure, others were upset with his short tenure at the university. “Kevin Anderson” was trending in the D.C.-Metropolitan area, but attempts to popularize #GaryForAD — a cry to bring back the beloved, long-time basketball coach Gary Williams — didn’t quite catch on.

    So, The Diamondback took to Twitter to see how people responded to the drama. After original reports of Anderson leaving, here’s what some had to say:

  2. Ron_Peterson
    U of Maryland athletic department continues to look like a sinking ship. Reports are AD Kevin Anderson is headed to Stanford, as AD. #Terps
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 15:03:33
  3. johnkoz00
    I would LOVE to see Kevin Anderson leave MD to go to Stanford.
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 16:04:50
  4. feisty058
    Maryland sports are already on the decline, and now with Kevin Anderson’s “rumored” new job at Stanford, we are in some trouble.
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 15:59:10
  5. Branballs
    So much for being in for the long haul Kevin Anderson… #Terps
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 15:12:50
  6. Everton525
    hey kevin anderson, if u need help packing your things for stanford, hit me up
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 15:39:57
  7. UNH09
    Kevin Anderson to #Stanford makes sense, #Maryland is just stuck holding the bag of two coaching contracts. And that sucks…
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 15:29:43
  8. Some thanked Stanford for facilitating Anderson’s “departure” from this university (or knocked the San Francisco school for reportedly hiring him):
  9. Aaron_Love92
    s/o to Stanford for taking Kevin Anderson away from the Maryland Athletic Dept
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 15:40:18
  10. feelkindaTIMsy
    Kevin Anderson leaving is just what the #Terps need #thankyoustanford
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 15:42:58
  11. SturgisSports
    I thought Stanford was run by smart people until I realized they wanted to offer their AD job to Maryland’s Kevin Anderson.
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 16:00:17
  12. jvv76
    If Kevin Anderson leaves UMD, I will be thrilled, but I can’t understand what Stanford could possibly see in him. #Terps
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 14:51:33
  13. Some referenced Anderson’s some-what controversial hire of football coach Randy Edsall, who lead a 2-10 campaign in his first season with the Terps:
  14. BrianMFloyd
    Whatever, it’d be fitting if the AD that hired Randy Edsall transferred like the rest of the team.
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 15:08:16
  15. bendoll1
    Bye Kevin Anderson thanks for being useless. And take @RandyEdsall with you please
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 15:11:29
  16. dcsportsbog
    Can’t someone ask Edsall if Kevin Anderson is all in?
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 14:28:13
  17. APBandCo
    I feel like any resume that begins with “Hired Randy Edsall at Maryland” should just spontaneously combust.
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 15:12:52
  18. And when Anderson announced that he would not be leaving College Park, well, fans had some other things to say:
  19. ShAYnE625
    I’d die laughing if the sources in the Kevin Anderson saga are actually Debbie Yow #sabotage
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 16:05:30
  20. steve_boyle
    I’m reading a bunch of retractions of the Kevin Anderson to Stanford rumors. I was kind of excited to be rid of him.
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 15:16:07
  21. Josh__Silver
    Kevin Anderson coming back to UMD is like when Juwan Howard faked out the Heat to come back to the Bullets. Saw how well that one turned out
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 15:13:58
  22. trackcoach1
    It’s telling how the excitement has turned to disappointment on the interwebs now that Kevin Anderson has denied he’s leaving.
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 15:17:52
  23. JesseYomtov
    Kevin Anderson is a high-functioning liar, so I’m going to go ahead and say that there likely is not “no truth” to the Stanford rumors.
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 15:26:22
  24. KVanValkenburg
    Kevin Anderson is like the guy who burns down a restaurant and then gets a job running a bank on the opposite side of the country. #Terpfail
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 13:59:32
  25. And, well, one particular fan thinks Anderson stayed in College Park simply because he has some beer left to drink:
  26. 8SportsYianni
    So it looks like Kevin Anderson is staying at Maryland. He must have an open tab at Bentleys.
    Mon, Jul 16 2012 16:08:53
  27. In Anderson’s statement addressing the rumors, he said, “My focus and energy are committed to working to enhance the student-athlete experience and the competitive and financial success at the University of Maryland. We have just begun the transformation of the athletic department and I look forward to seeing this through.”
  28. So whether Terps fans like it or not, according to Anderson, he’s in it for the long haul.
  29. –Erin Egan, Senior staff writer

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