Is it Friday yet?: How college ruined Disney for me

The college dating scene, what a wonderful phrase. The college dating scene, ain’t no passing craze!

While The Lion King and other Disney movies support betrothed love, college students are not so fortunate. We are thrown into the lion’s den (no pun intended) of small talk and forced laughter about the weather. (Here’s a hint, fellas: If it’s not raining fire, I don’t want to talk about it.)

Because our fairy godmother ran late with Cinderella, we must dress ourselves for class, hoping to be noticed by Prince Laxer-bro and Princess Low-Cut-Shirt three rows over. Our pumpkin carriage became Thanksgiving’s pie so we must walk certain routes to class, left to catch our breath before we pass training athletes.

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Students find their inner happiness

Unhappy students, take note: Seek out new experiences; become a part of something bigger than yourself; make meaningful connections to loved ones.

These are some of the keys to happiness, according to the documentary Happy, shown at Stamp Student Union Saturday as part of “World Happy Day.”

Screenings of the movie occurred all over the world Saturday as part of a global effort to examine the root causes of happiness.

Because much has been done to advance the studies of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, film director Roko Belic wondered why conditions like these have been “measured,” and happiness has not, said Health Center Coordinator of Triage Services Jeri Boliek. His department hosted Saturday’s screening.

“I was skeptical at first,” said junior criminology major Jennifer Major. “It’s kind of an odd concept to designate this day to be happy, but after watching the movie, it’s cool that there’s science behind it.”

According to the film, while happiness level is 50 percent determined by genetics and 10 percent due to life circumstance, each person has the ability to improve the remaining 40 percent of mental well-being.

By giving viewers a look into the lives of a family living in a co-housing unit in Denmark and a woman who endured 30 facial surgeries after being run over by a truck and a community in rural India, the film looks at reasons why people of all different backgrounds are happy. Overcoming adversity, enjoying time with family and friends, breaking out of everyday routines and engaging in physical activity were common factors in some of the happiest people.

“I really liked how they were talking about the different cultures and happiness levels and how that affects it,” said junior English and psychology major Jennifer Robinson. “In America, we tend to focus on privacy instead of community.”

— Lauren Kirkwood

Got a secret? Time to spill

You may have noticed these flyers on the campus advertising for this anonymous blog. Photo courtesy of


Fans of the popular blog PostSecret rejoice — an anonymous university student has started a similar site for Terps to “pour your heart out. Or just talk shit. Whatever works.”

The site,, has its own email system where you can send in your anonymous secrets, which the creator — whoever she (he?) may be — then posts to the main page. So far, the blog has accumulated 734 subscribers since September and its accompanying Twitter account (@terpsecret) has 219 followers.

More than a few students have noticed, posting secrets that range from funny rants to heartbreaking admissions.

“If it weren’t for knowing how it would hurt my parents, I likely would have already committed suicide.”

“I have a cheetah print fetish. I like it when my girlfriend wears nothing but a cheetah print coat, cheetah print heels, and possibly some cheetah print handcuffs… face down ass up…”

“I’m addicted to my own prescription medication, but I don’t think I’ll ever have the courage to tell anyone, because in reality I don’t want to stop. Why should I? I still do everything I’m supposed to do and I’m still me, but sometimes I need something to make me feel… different than the usual. Sometimes I’m bored with myself, and I need
a change. That’s where the meds come in. But it’s our little secret, because I’ll never tell.”

“I need new friends. Mine suck.”

The creator also includes links to various mental health services on the campus and regularly posts funny or interesting pictures from around the campus.

So, got a secret? It’s safe with her.

–Lauren Redding

College Park Lonely Hearts: Mustache rides, two girls one cup and a guy with a collection of body parts in his basement

College Park Lonely Hearts is a weekly special bringing you the most seductive dating website entries from the College Park area. The pictures are real, the user names are real, the descriptions are speculation. We hope this helps you find your special someone.

User name: ckringle9 (
Hobbies: Being incredulous, Master of Disguise
Exercise habits: Mustache rides
Currently listening to: Santana – “Samba Pa Ti

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