Is It Friday Yet?: I <3 Bacon

Everyone should be familiar with the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

If you aren’t, then you were obviously living under a rock for the better part of your teen years. It is said any actor can be professionally linked back to the Footloose heartthrob in six degrees or less. I’ve even seen the game branch out by linking us, mere commoners, to Mr. Kyra Sedgwick.

However, for me, six degrees from Bacon goes much deeper than interpersonal relationships. As the new director for the campus radio station, I sat in on the philanthropy class Bacon spoke to April 18 about his nonprofit ways.

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Is It Friday Yet?: The great caffeine crash of 2012

Remember that scene in George of the Jungle when George experiences coffee for the first time, eating coffee grounds straight by the handful? Well I just had one of the moments.

It’s a Monday night and I have an exam in the morning. Not to mention I also have two online quizzes and a writing sample due. I must also defeat Voldemort all by midnight.

Solution? Java, java, java, java, java, java!

I sip my first cup and sit down to my pile of demands. I crack my first book and suddenly feel a kick of adrenaline. I then sip my second, third and fourth cups — I have caught my second wind!

I soar through all my work, cramming for the exam, answering quizzes and jotting down written words. I am then physically able to cast the Patronus spell. (I was too weak before.)

I am on a roll. I fly through the pages with fire shooting from my pen and fingertips — cue the Rocky theme song.

I finish. All my work is done. Yes, I have even slayed Voldemort at the point of my caffeinated wand. So what do I do now?

I check Facebook, and it is a ghost town. Tumbleweeds roll across my news feed. Too bad Will Smith isn’t here to sing “Wild Wild West”. I think when there isn’t even anyone to talk to on Facebook, it’s time to go to sleep.

I lie down and fight to keep my eyes closed. My eyelids are arguing with me as if they are shades on a window. You remember the old one-sheet paper shades — no matter how hard you try to pull them down, they always spring back up? I guess this is how Edward Cullen feels, lacking the need to sleep.

I continue to lie awake thinking about what I can do with my jittered time. Then a light bulb goes on in my already illuminated mind, “I think I’ll go write a blog post about being up on coffee at 4 a.m.”

Is it Friday yet? Maybe this caffeine will wear off by then.

— Liz Lane is a junior journalism major and student blogger for The Diamondback

Is it Friday yet?: Have some pride, Terps

Whenever I pass a tour group, I suddenly feel like the important fish in the big pond.

While these groups have the tendency to create obstacle courses for us on the campus, they also have the power to give us self-worth. No. That is not a joke.

Yes, we may have to dodge the backwards tour guide and watch that we don’t step on the toes of ogling children, but let’s not forget, we attend this school. We are the Terrapins they have come to learn about.

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Is it Friday yet?: How college ruined Disney for me

The college dating scene, what a wonderful phrase. The college dating scene, ain’t no passing craze!

While The Lion King and other Disney movies support betrothed love, college students are not so fortunate. We are thrown into the lion’s den (no pun intended) of small talk and forced laughter about the weather. (Here’s a hint, fellas: If it’s not raining fire, I don’t want to talk about it.)

Because our fairy godmother ran late with Cinderella, we must dress ourselves for class, hoping to be noticed by Prince Laxer-bro and Princess Low-Cut-Shirt three rows over. Our pumpkin carriage became Thanksgiving’s pie so we must walk certain routes to class, left to catch our breath before we pass training athletes.

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