Former SGA president refuses to leave

Former SGA President Steve Glickman just can’t seem to leave the campus.

Glickman, who served as president from 2009-2010 and 2010-2011, graduated last spring with a degree in political science. It seemed after two years of hearing his name everywhere, Glick was finally moving on to bigger and better things.

Apparently, he wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye.

Glickman is back on the campus for a second semester pursuing a master’s degree in public policy, economics and international security studies. He’s also completing his Graduate Assistantship with University Police, handling their social media and vamping up student outreach.

It’s a little strange University Police have entrusted him with a position focusing on student relations, given Glickman’s strained relations with students after he gave priority tickets to a men’s basketball game against Duke to some members of the SGA. The tickets were intended for die-hard Terp fans who wait in line hours before a game. Glickman was later seen on ESPN, cheering from the front row of Comcast Center at the most anticipated game of the season.

He then changed his story to The Diamondback repeatedly, claiming for several days that no SGA members had been given any of the 100 priority tickets. Ironically enough, social media — the very thing Glickman has been charged with handling for University Police — ultimately helped prove he was being less than honest: former SGA Director of Governmental Affairs Summer Raza posted a Facebook picture of herself at the game with a caption that read, “Senior year…Duke Game…Friends…Behind ESPN…Love it!! Best night EVER!!”

 According to Diamondback reporter Erin Egan, who walked around with University Police after this year’s Duke game Wednesday night, Glickman has proven to be an effective assistant, despite his past indiscretions: He live-tweeted the game for the @UMPD Twitter account (clearly, the go-to site for all avid sports fans wanting instant updates); he shook hands with University President Wallace Loh; he charged his phone in Capt. Marc Limansky’s car; and, perhaps most importantly, ate a piece of pizza.

Good to know he’s being put to good use.

–Lauren Redding


Would you like a fugitive with your shooting and three robberies?

Accused murderer Frederick Lawrence Scott was allowed to walk out of a Prince George's County jail Nov. 10.

It wasn’t a great week in Prince George’s County for anyone without a set of chain-mail pajamas: First, two men were robbed outside of Cornerstone Grill and Loft. Then, a 19-year-old student was robbed at knife-point on the campus. Then, there was an armed robbery on Route 1 in what police are saying turned out to be a drug deal gone awry.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there — an early-morning argument at the College Park Days Inn ended in gunfire Sunday, and then police announced the big, scary icing on the terrifying cake of mayhem and destruction: They accidentally released an accused murderer from jail. Continue reading

‘Dumb’ College Park bank robber sentenced to 15 years

And his team lost the World Series. Twice. (Photo courtesy Prince George's County Police)

A man arrested for robbing the M&T Bank branch on Knox Road last year was sentenced to 15 years in prison Monday, a sentence that was enhanced when the judge found the man had two previous convictions on drug charges.

26-year-old Antonio Michael McClurkin walked into the College Park bank just after noon last September, according to the Department of Justice, pointed a handgun at a teller and ran off with $1,593 — and a hidden “explosive dye pack.” Continue reading

University Police stand behind strong reaction to tornado threat

By Erin Egan
Staff writer

Despite multiple uses of the campus emergency siren and several university text messages saying a tornado was “forecast to strike the campus,” University Police said there have been no reports of a tornado touching down in College Park tonight and that there were no reported injuries or incidents related to the storm.

ABC7 is reporting the university “mistakenly” warned students of a tornado, but University Police spokesman Capt. Marc Limansky stood by the multiple alerts sent to students. Continue reading

Five College Park people who have (allegedly) gone positively bonkers

''YAY COLLEGE PARK! YAY EARRINGS!'' (Photo by Orin Zebest)

This city attracts curious people of all stripes — they write books; they raise families; they drink beer. And, occasionally, they go out of their minds and generate police reports that are far, far outside the bounds of run-of-the-mill misdemeanors.

One such incident occurred last weekend: A very strange potential road-rage incident involving a 32-year-old College Park man, a car antenna and a few thousand volts of electricity. His alleged assault has inspired the blogger-brains at Campus Drive to look into College Park’s history of housing (and teaching) people who went on to be accused of off-the-wall crimes. Here are five of the weirdest.

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