Is it Friday yet?: How college ruined Disney for me

The college dating scene, what a wonderful phrase. The college dating scene, ain’t no passing craze!

While The Lion King and other Disney movies support betrothed love, college students are not so fortunate. We are thrown into the lion’s den (no pun intended) of small talk and forced laughter about the weather. (Here’s a hint, fellas: If it’s not raining fire, I don’t want to talk about it.)

Because our fairy godmother ran late with Cinderella, we must dress ourselves for class, hoping to be noticed by Prince Laxer-bro and Princess Low-Cut-Shirt three rows over. Our pumpkin carriage became Thanksgiving’s pie so we must walk certain routes to class, left to catch our breath before we pass training athletes.

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Kevin Bacon sponsors on-campus competition (yes, he’s coming here)

Like Kevin Bacon? Like social change? Are you willing to like social change if it means meeting Kevin Bacon? And winning some cool Kevin Bacon stuff?
The Footloose star himself just announced he’ll be coming to campus this April as a sponsor and celebrity judge of the Terps DoGood Challenge here on campus. Students can enter the contest — which began this past Saturday — as either individuals or groups and show how much social good they can do from now until spring break through their own creative efforts.
Then, on April 18, Bacon will come sit on the celebrity panel to judge the six finalists. According to the DoGood Challenge website, prizes for the winner(s) include, “$5,000 for your cause, Kevin Bacon related prizes, and a private jet to Atlanta for two court side seats at a Hawks NBA game (among other sweet prizes).”

Check out the video above to see Bacon’s personal message to the campus community. He’s wearing a Fear the Turtle tee-shirt and sort of looks like he filmed it on a web cam in his mom’s basement. We won’t hold it against him. Way to do some good, Kev!

Footage discovered showing UMD actually winning football games

In a breakthrough effort that spans 477 reels of footage dating back as far as 1946, the University Archives have unearthed and digitized evidence that the Terps football team has, in fact, won a football game.

The library system’s Digital Collections now includes film of games from between the end of World War II and 1979, in addition to some footage from the 80s in which Terps not only won, but smacked down the amazing, spectacular, dirty rotten Miami Hurricanes in spectacular fashion.

It was Nov. 10, 1984. The Terps were in their first season after the graduation of star quarterback Boomer Esiason, and they were down 31-0 by halftime against the Hurricanes. Starting QB Stan Gelbaugh was replaced by Frank Reich, who proceeded to complete 12 of 15 passes for 260 yards in what became a 42-40 victory that was at the time the largest comeback in NCAA history.

The History Channel has a thrilling post about the game that includes an awesome, unsourced anecdote about how angry the team was:

In the first two quarters of the game, Miami out-gained the Terps 328 yards to 57 and ran up their 31-point lead–but they didn’t do it graciously. “The comeback never would’ve happened if it had not been for the attitude of the Miami Hurricanes,” one Maryland player remembered. “No question about it. Those guys were the biggest cheap-shot, trash-talking, classless outfit of football players I’ve ever seen in my life.” He added: “You can almost take getting beat if a team is kicking your butts and they’re doing it cleanly. And there was no question that they were kicking our butts in the first half. But that team made us mad, and it gave us a little extra incentive.” And the Terps dug in their heels.

(The unnamed player was kicker Jess Atkinson, speaking to the Washington Post several years after the game.)

The University Archives has all the footage (disregard the incorrect date):

To see the rest of the videos, university archivist Anne Turkos says to search for “football,” “bowl” and “film” in the “University AlbUM.” Included in the list is a September 1950 game that, in addition to being the first one played in Byrd Stadium, has some crazy footage of the empty fields that North Campus used to be.

University alum to compete on stupid reality show “Sweet Home Alabama”

We suspect she is up to something. Our money's on a one-episode exit. (Photo courtesy Country Music Television)

It’s every girl’s dream: A once-in-a-lifetime chance to compete on Country Music Television for the affections of a bartender.

Stefanie Williams, a 2008 graduate of this university and a former Diamondback opinion editor, will premiere on the second season of CMT’s “Sweet Home Alabama” on Oct. 20, according to a press release, and vie for the heart of one “Tribble Reese” with 19 other women. No joke. That’s the guy’s name.

The release says that “while Stefanie love sports, she’s has had a few rough experiences in dating athletes and is looking to branch out.” Don’t let that word “few” mislead you — Williams has quite literally written the book on dating athletes and maintains an extensive daily blog about sports and dating that uses a lot of capital letters and curse words. Continue reading

Don’t worry, a Maryland fan did do something offensive on national television

The Maryland-Miami football game got the Labor Day prime-time treatment Monday night, and ESPN sent images of our immaculately behaved students all over the Earth with the help of that special TV magic.

We made it almost the entire broadcast without incident, but then, just before the game cut to SportsCenter, the camera caught this kid:

Credit for the spot goes to Twitter user Ian Oland, who tweeted the pic after the game. If anybody knows who this is, please let us know — we’d like to ask him where he got the shirt, if it actually helps him pick up “fat bitches,” and if his mother knows he’s wearing that shirt in public.