UMD student, Internet Casanova featured on Tosh.0

Alex MacRae knows a lot about picking up women.

He may not lead with the winning line, “I study engineering at the University of Maryland,” but he does know that many things adults say can be taken the wrong way if they are not conveyed with “energy and fun.”

MacRae, who gained YouTube fame in 2007 after he made an informative web video on impressing the ladies for, had a chance at redemption June 26 on Tosh.0, but not before viewers had a chance to hear a bit more of his good advice.

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New app serves as a digital bulletin board for students (and it’s made by a UMUC alumnus, too)

Look out, Facebook and Twitter, there’s a new social networking app in town, brought to you by UMUC alumnus U.S. Marines Master Sgt. Dan Williams.

The Gabbaga iPhone app serves as a digital bulletin board, where users can post bulletins about local events, organize meetings and create personal advertisements. Users can also set a physical radius they can broadcast their bulletin board to, from a quarter mile to up to 500 miles.

Need to borrow someone’s notes from a class you missed? Want to find out who else is studying for the big econ exam in McKeldin? Williams said Gabbaga can help solve both of these problems.

“It’s a great way for students to exchange books and find things they need from other students around campus,” he said.

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UMD memes go viral among students

In the past 24-plus hours, more than 150 pictures have popped up on University of Maryland Memes, a nascent Facebook group that combines a bunch of meme-ready photos (most of which probably originated at and please, for the love of God, do not click that link) with campus-based slogans.

Since this image was posted to the group about a day ago, when we were all mere babes, the group has exploded, attracting more than 4,100 “likes” and probably a lot more word-of-mouth exposure as the pictures continue circulating the web.

The memes have so far run the gamut of single- and multi-panel constructions, from Scumbag Steve, to the “Y U NO” Guy, Good Guy Greg, the Socially Awkward Penguin and, fittingly, the College Freshman. If that sentence made no sense to you, you’re lucky. Run away while you can.

As of yet, the group’s proprietor has not come forward, so we’re forced to assume he’s an evil mastermind who, like Julian Assange, is disseminating memes from his estate in England, or, like, Wicomico Hall or something.

— Jon Wolper

Got a secret? Time to spill

You may have noticed these flyers on the campus advertising for this anonymous blog. Photo courtesy of


Fans of the popular blog PostSecret rejoice — an anonymous university student has started a similar site for Terps to “pour your heart out. Or just talk shit. Whatever works.”

The site,, has its own email system where you can send in your anonymous secrets, which the creator — whoever she (he?) may be — then posts to the main page. So far, the blog has accumulated 734 subscribers since September and its accompanying Twitter account (@terpsecret) has 219 followers.

More than a few students have noticed, posting secrets that range from funny rants to heartbreaking admissions.

“If it weren’t for knowing how it would hurt my parents, I likely would have already committed suicide.”

“I have a cheetah print fetish. I like it when my girlfriend wears nothing but a cheetah print coat, cheetah print heels, and possibly some cheetah print handcuffs… face down ass up…”

“I’m addicted to my own prescription medication, but I don’t think I’ll ever have the courage to tell anyone, because in reality I don’t want to stop. Why should I? I still do everything I’m supposed to do and I’m still me, but sometimes I need something to make me feel… different than the usual. Sometimes I’m bored with myself, and I need
a change. That’s where the meds come in. But it’s our little secret, because I’ll never tell.”

“I need new friends. Mine suck.”

The creator also includes links to various mental health services on the campus and regularly posts funny or interesting pictures from around the campus.

So, got a secret? It’s safe with her.

–Lauren Redding

Blog wisdom from the woman who ran across the country

Over the weekend, while you were still sleeping off your pumpkin pie coma, College Park had a fleeting encounter with an unusual human being — a human being who, rather than floating around, drifting according to the whims of fate, has decided to find fate, wrestle it to the ground and strangle it to death. She is a Maker of Gestures. A Doer of Things.

Her name is Sarah Emoto. She graduated from college in the spring. Sarah ran to College Park — from the Pacific Ocean. She has recently been running well more than a marathon per day on her trek, “dedicated to the brave men and women who selflessly serve our country: the law enforcement officers, members of the Armed Forces, and firefighters.”

And, luckily for us, she’s got a blog. We wrote about her earlier today, but in many ways her own words tell the story in a way we can’t. So here are some of the most interesting bits from her road dispatches since the journey started months ago:

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Former Terps baller “always wanted to” riot, doesn’t blame Penn State students for doing it


Last night, Penn State University students reacted to the firing of (very) long-time football coach Joe Paterno by taking to the streets, bashing light poles and flipping a news van.

Former Terrapin women’s basketball player Marissa Coleman tweeted this morning that she’s, uh, kind of OK with that.

The PSU students really shouldn’t be looked down upon for rioting,” said Coleman, who now plays for the WNBA’s Washington Mystics. “Let’s be serious, college students are always looking for an excuse to […] riot lol…I know I always wanted to, but never did in fear @umdwbb @BrendaFrese would find out haha.” Continue reading

“I saw him jiggle it”: State posts gubernatorial blooper reel online

Outtakes were posted Oct. 13 from an anti-bullying video featuring Gov. Martin O’Malley and Maryland first lady Katie O’Malley and, honestly, we just didn’t know about it. But Gov. O’Malley tweeted the video today “in the spirit of #Halloween,” and now we’re passing it on.

We’re glad you too can hear the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association say things like “He did jiggle it. I saw him jiggle it.” and “I think this is magic.” (Spoiler: He’s right on both accounts.)

The finished product doesn’t appear to have gotten much play on YouTube, but it’s a very quiet minute-plus, a Woody Allen-esque long shot, just a couple of people, talkin’ ’bout love without any cuts or interruptions.

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