The best Twitter reactions from the Kevin Anderson-Stanford hullabaloo

  1. When The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Terps athletic director Kevin Anderson was leaving for the same position at Stanford, fans took to Twitter to air their grievances.  After Anderson confirmed the rumors to be untrue later Monday afternoon, even more fans took to Twitter to air their grievances.

    While some were excited for his alleged departure, others were upset with his short tenure at the university. “Kevin Anderson” was trending in the D.C.-Metropolitan area, but attempts to popularize #GaryForAD — a cry to bring back the beloved, long-time basketball coach Gary Williams — didn’t quite catch on.

    So, The Diamondback took to Twitter to see how people responded to the drama. After original reports of Anderson leaving, here’s what some had to say:

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University offers new online class on state Open Meetings Act

To say that learning in today’s environment is unconventional would be an understatement at best. No matter the profession, the age or the purpose, an individual can always find ways to absorb himself in a studious setting. This idea is embodied in the university’s online class, “Maryland’s Open Meetings Act.”

Offered in conjunction by the state’s attorney general’s office and the university’s Institute for Governmental Service and Research since May 23, the course offers a detailed analysis of the Open Meetings Act. The OMA, enacted in 1977 to foster clarity in government, aims to educate citizens on the need for public bodies to keep certain information confidential.

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Students and the City: Do the DaDa

For those who spent Spring Break on the couch, Fur Nightclub has just the right dosage of nightlife you have been craving.

Dada Life, a prominent Swedish duo in the world of electronic dance music, has been creating remixes as well as original house tracks since 2006. In 2010 they opened for Tiësto, the world’s most popular DJ after David Guetta, and in 2011 they performed at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. The two most recently performed at Ultra Music Festival last week in Miami.

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An insider’s guide to ‘Club McKeldin’

Let me start by saying McKeldin Library is great for a lot of reasons. It has coffee, computers, couches, books and pretty good Internet service. However, contrary to popular belief, the library is not a quiet place to study.

McKeldin is about as quiet as a dubstep rave — which might not be far from the truth considering it was turned into a “Club McKeldin” dance party late last year. I have hours of studying to do for my art theory class, so perhaps I should start working.

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The Campus Complainer: Think before you click for Kony

For the last week, Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 video has been spamming my news feed and timeline. I’ll admit, I was intrigued at first. Kony was trending on Twitter and I decided to do some investigating. Of course, because it’s trending on Twitter, the first thing I did was click through and check out what everyone was tweeting about. That was a mistake.

I’m going off on a mini-tangent here for a second. Sit tight.

Doing a Twitter search is normally useless and this time was no different. When something first gains traction on the Internet and people begin tweeting about it, every tweet looks like this: “WUT IS #KONY?!?!?!?!” These people must then anxiously wait for one of their 102 followers (57 of them are porn-bots) to fill them in. You’re already at a computer, it’s called Google.

When I hopped on Google I found the infamous Kony video and I watched most of it and thought, “Well, that was a bummer.” Then I went back to watching basketball.

The next morning, I found my Facebook and Twitter feeds overrun by a full-fledged Kony invasion. One thousand sorority girls proclaimed “OMG WATCH THIS! MAKE KONY THE MOST FAMOUS PERSON IN THE WORLD!” Virtual philanthropy at its finest, folks. There’s nothing like the sense of self-satisfaction that comes from watching a video and clicking share. Ah, justice has been served. That’ll show that mean old warlord!

People will get all bent out of shape for mocking this whole trend, because, after all, how dare you disagree with the Internet? And I’m not saying this situation isn’t horrible and Joseph Kony doesn’t to deserve a Hostel-like death. I’m just saying you’re not actually doing anything besides clicking a button.

Furthermore, where is that anger and energy over problems that are in, say, America? You know, the country we live in?

If you’re really against mindless and violent indoctrination of children — which ultimately results in needless death, a crumbling social structure, a disregard for law and humanity — you can do something about it. It might shock you, but we have a problem with that here too. They’re called gangs. Gangs who have networks that blanket the country and plague inner cities. They’re a real bitch.

You really want to make a difference? Go volunteer in D.C. or Baltimore. You’ll actually be affecting people’s lives.

Retweeting a video made by a couple of sketchballs about a nut job who runs around a country full of people who don’t even know what a computer is isn’t doing much. You might be “raising awareness,” but most people are going to just resume Facebook stalking after they make a status.

If you donate money to the cause, good for you (Unless it’s to Invisible Children). If it inspires you to spend time in Africa helping these people, fantastic. You’re a better person than I am. But if you’re not, shut it and stop clogging my news feed.

Taylor Schwink is a senior journalism major and student blogger for The Diamondback.

State considers proclaiming May as Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Economic recoveries? Unimportant. Gay Marriage? Been there, legalized that. DREAM Act? Booooring. A month raising awareness for Lyme disease? Now there is an issue Marylanders really care about.

State legislators seem to agree, as by a new House of Delegates bill written by State Delegates Susan C. Lee (D-Montgomery) and Joseline A. Pena-Melnyk (D-Anne Arundel and Prince George’s). The bill “requires the Governor to annually proclaim the month of May as Lyme Disease Awareness Month, in recognition of the need for increased awareness of the disease,” which would probably involve a very official and regal looking proclamation.

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Is it Friday yet?: Clipping coupons just became cool again

Bread: $3. Toilet paper: $8. Saving money for Friday night shenanigans: Priceless.

While I am still one year shy of turning 21, I can appreciate your need to have fun on the weekends. Whether it’s drinking your water weight in Natty Light or dragging your boyfriend to catch your tears through The Vow, we all need some extra cash.

The solution? Clipping coupons.

In fear of being featured on the TLC show Extreme Couponing and remaining forever single, I’ve devised a college-friendly way to avoid being labeled a “coupon clipper.”

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