University offers new online class on state Open Meetings Act

To say that learning in today’s environment is unconventional would be an understatement at best. No matter the profession, the age or the purpose, an individual can always find ways to absorb himself in a studious setting. This idea is embodied in the university’s online class, “Maryland’s Open Meetings Act.”

Offered in conjunction by the state’s attorney general’s office and the university’s Institute for Governmental Service and Research since May 23, the course offers a detailed analysis of the Open Meetings Act. The OMA, enacted in 1977 to foster clarity in government, aims to educate citizens on the need for public bodies to keep certain information confidential.

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Barking Dog expected crowd of 500 for Dom Mazzetti event, only 50 showed up

Dom Mazzetti is accomplished for a college super senior. He has a passion for girls, partying and working out, an accent reminiscent of Jersey Shore, and more than 25 million views total on YouTube and more than 76,000 likes on Facebook.

In celebration of Cinco Dom Mayo, I mean de Mayo, The Barking Dog brought this Internet phenom to Route 1.

Because the bar’s managers expected 500 people to crowd the Barking Dog on Saturday, they hired three extra security hands for the night — only 50 people showed up.

“It was embarrassingly small,” said senior economics major Bret Greer. “You would think for Cinco de Mayo, more people would be out.”

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One Diamondback reporter’s day as a county firefighter

As we pushed the hose and nozzle closer to the fire using muscles I had no idea existed, it became clear Capt. Steve Gallagher and the other instructors weren’t joking when they told me to tuck all of my hair into my turnout hood so it wouldn’t catch fire.

“We don’t want you writing about how we ruined your hair,” they said.

The Prince George’s County Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Association IAFF Local 1619, the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department and the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute hosted the second annual Fire Ops 101 training Friday. The departments invited state and county officials and media personnel to learn how to become a firefighter for the day at the MFRI station in College Park.

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A freshman’s guide to laundry room etiquette

Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore. You’re in college and sooner or later you’ll find that you have to make a trip to basement of your building to do laundry. And you’ll find it was easier when you were at home and mom was the only person you had to worry about touching your delicates.

“People can be so impatient and obnoxious,” freshman journalism major Mia Simon commented to me recently.

Indeed, Simon. Wouldn’t it be so much simpler if everyone abides by the same rules? If there was a formal code of laundry room etiquette? Look no further—the following is my manifesto on community laundry facility etiquette: Anyone who does not have exact change is prohibited from entering the laundry room. Check yo self before you wreck yo self. Why would you put your laundry into a machine before making sure you can pay for the wash cycle? That washing machine is prime real estate and people don’t appreciate waiting while you walk around the building panhandling.

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Students and the City: Cinco DOM Mayo at the Barking Dog

By now, no student can deny watching and endlessly quoting the addicting Dom Mazzetti videos. The series created by Mike Tornabene and Gian Hunjan nearly went viral on YouTube. Each new episode, titled “Dom vs. …..”, would feature Dom Mazzetti, a full-blown airhead, taking on different aspects of college life. The most popular videos include Dom Mazzetti vs. Drunk Girls and Dom Mazzetti vs. Freshman.

While the videos do use explicit language and content, they are wildly funny and relatable to students around the country, which could be due to the fact that in each episode Dom is miraculously enrolled at a different university. Dom was even a student at Maryland in one episode, Dom Mazzetti vs. Resumes, where he hopelessly works to create a resume to get a job after graduating “MarryLand.”

This weekend, Mike and Gian have the chance to interact with real Maryland students at the Barking Dog for Cinco de Mayo. It could very well be the wildest night of the semester, with free merchandise, shots, an ice luge and plenty of other giveaways. If you’re wearing a Route One Apparell “Cinco DOM Mayo” shirt, you’ll receive VIP access and drink specials all night.

The event starts at 10 p.m. but get there early if you hope to get in at all, as the event page already has 471 listed attendees. Arrive with $10 cover and proper 21+ identification.

Celebrate. Drink tequila. Be MarryLand.

— Becky Kaminsky is a freshman journalism major and student blogger for The Diamondback

Keeping up with the Kandidate: An Ode to Newt

Despite his stay-puff cuddliness and his Dwight Shrute-like work ethic, Newt Gingrich, the 2012 republican primary kandidate, just could not KEEP UP with Mitt Romney.

Last Wednesday, Gingrich representatives said he will soon announce his concession, ending his bid to become president of the United States.

Before you read anymore, you must open your ears to the soundtrack of Newt’s campaign. Please listen to this song while you read my heartfelt goodbye to Gingrich.

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Students host charity run in memory of sorority sister Kayla Libby

In January, Kayla Libby was excitedly preparing for a trip to help build the Pimentera Elementary School in Honduras when she suddenly fell ill and was forced to stay behind.

About a week after her fellow Students Helping Honduras member returned from the trip, Libby — a sophomore public health major — passed away unexpectedly Jan. 21 at Marlborough Hospital in Massachusetts.

Three months later, members of SSH and Libby’s sorority sisters in Alpha Omicron Pi came together Sunday afternoon for a 5K HonduRUN to honor Libby’s memory and raise $3,000 for the cause she was so passionate about in life.

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